July 01, 2015
Breaking News and Alert System for Central Puget Sound
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About Us

Be in touch. Stay in touch.

The Regional Public Information Network is your one-stop resource for news alerts from more than 75 government, utility, health and first-responder agencies serving citizens in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Normally, RPIN public information officers use the Web site and e-alert system to publish news from their agencies only. During a regional emergency, these same public information officers may work through a regional joint information center, or RJIC, to share and coordinate joint messages to the public through RPIN.

Make RPIN part of your routine.

RPIN delivers advance warnings for routine disruptions, such as planned road closures and construction, transit, airport and traffic changes and early warnings for potentially dangerous weather.

RPIN also delivers real-time news for unplanned disruptions and life-threatening emergencies, such as disease outbreaks, environmental hazards, wild fires, earthquakes, terrorism, and tsunami, flooding and severe storm warnings.

Know before it happens!

Keep your family safe. Turn to RPIN for tips on how to prepare before emergencies occur and what to do if they happen. Subscribe to RPIN e-alerts to be notified immediately of breaking news and emergencies via your e-mail and/or mobile wireless devices.

RPIN's Beginnings

Regional public information officers formed the original RPIN network in 2000 after working together through several multi-jurisdictional emergencies. Membership in RPIN is free and open to other agencies in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties that would like to join.

The first RPIN Web site and e-alert system was designed and hosted by King County on Govlink, a multi-jurisdictional Web site. Funding to enhance the capacity, design and functionality of the current RPIN site was provided through a Homeland Security Grant, as part of the Urban Areas Security Initiative in 2005. King County continues to host and administer the site on behalf of all network agencies.

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Terms and conditions disclaimer.

The Regional Public Information Network (RPIN) is a regional partnership hosted by King County. Content is solely the responsibility of contributing agencies. For questions about news releases, contact the issuing agency. Links to external sites do not constitute endorsements by RPIN agencies. By visiting this Web page, you expressly agree to be bound by terms and conditions of the site.